La Rioja and Navarra

2 December 2022

The northern autonomous regions of La Rioja and Navarra are two of Spain's smallest yet they still have a huge amount to offer by way of incredible tapas and world-famous wine. Find out more about these landlocked regions.

The landlocked provinces of La Rioja and Navarra are found in the north of Spain and stretch from just below the Basque Country down towards the Castille. Although they are two of the country's smallest regions, they're famed for both their culture and produce, La Rioja most notably for its remarkable wine and Navarra for its bounty of stunning vegetables.

Both provinces' capitals are a wonderful representation of what the wider regions have to offer. Pamplona, the Navarran capital, is fast becoming known as a must-visit city for food lovers wanting to experience some of the finest produce Spain has to offer, while La Rioja's capital of Logroño blends world-class wine production with streets full of packed tapas bars.

Read on to discover more about the produce, wine and restaurants of these two Spanish regions, or try one of our Navarran and Riojan recipes below.

Welcome to La Rioja and Navarra

Check out our complete foodie guide to La Rioja and Navarra to find out more about the culinary landscape of these two small Spanish regions.

Preserved peppers

The small town of Lodosa in Navarra is famous across Spain for being the home of roasted piquillo peppers, which since 1986 have had a protected geographic protection. Find out more about these roasted, preserved peppers and how they can be used in recipes.

Logroño: a tapas-lover’s paradise

Its history might be rooted in wine production, but these days La Rioja's capital is equally well-known for its incredible tapas scene centered around the always buzzing Calle Laurel.

The food of La Rioja and Navarra

From a hearty vegetable and ham stew called menestra to stunning lamb, both La Rioja and Navarra have plenty to offer by way of traditional dishes. Transport yourself to northern Spain by giving one of these incredible regional recipes a try.

La Rioja: Spain's world-famous wine region

La Rioja has a reputation that stretches far beyond the bounds of Spain when it comes to red wine, but the flourishing wine region is also increasingly producing whites and rosés.

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