Jonathan Benoliel, Bartender at The Modern Pantry, offers an unusual take on the classic gin and tonic, adding liquorice root as a garnish. It makes for an easy-to-prepare cocktail that is superb all year round

Fill the rocks glass to the top with the ice cubes, pour over the gin and bitters and fill to the top with tonic water
Garnish with the diced and ribboned cucumber and a liquorice root before serving
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Liquorice gin and tonic

  • 50ml of Boxer gin
  • tonic water
  • 10 drops of liquorice bitters
  • ice cubes

To garnish

  • cucumber, diced and ribboned
  • liquorice root


  1. Rocks glass

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This cocktail from Anna Hansen's restaurant, The Modern Pantry, has all the refreshing bitterness of a classic gin and tonic with a twist in the form of liquorice root

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