Pied a Terre's Bartender, Matheiu Germond, shares an outstanding cocktail recipe sure to grace any sophisticated shindig. The mellow oakiness of the Calvados is superbly assisted by the Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic and punchy vodka

Add enough ice cubes to come halfway up the shaker. Pour in the vodka, calvados, verjus and gomme
Verjus or verjuice is a very acidic, sharp juice made by pressing unripe grapes, it does not contain alcohol. White wine and a small dash of lemon juice is a good alternative, but always try and use a good quality unfiltered variety for cooking or cocktails
Seal with a lid or Boston glass and shake well for 30 seconds. Fill a highball glass to the top with ice and use a Hawthorne strainer to pour into the prepared glass
Garnish with a wedge of green apple and serve with a long straw
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  • 25ml of vodka
  • 25ml of Calvados
  • 15ml of verjus
  • 1 dash of gomme syrup
  • naturally light tonic
  • 1 Granny Smith apple, wedge only


  1. Highball glass
  2. Hawthorne cocktail strainer
  3. Straws

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This calvados brandy cocktail harbours a mellow fruitiness making it ideal for the autumn and winter months

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