A Wong

A Wong

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70 Wilton Road
Victoria, London

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Andrew Wong

After a tour of the kitchens and restaurants of China, Andrew Wong returned to his parents' restaurant in London and transformed it into a temple of regional Chinese cuisine. He now offers diners exciting new tastes and flavours from the country, brought into a fine dining atmosphere thanks to his classical training.

Growing up, Andrew Wong would have preferred to be anywhere in the world apart from his parents’ kitchen. The majority of his childhood was spent behind the scenes of the family restaurant, Kym’s, which served up the standard Cantonese fare found at the majority of Chinese restaurants across the UK. He ‘escaped’ to Oxford University after school to study chemistry, but was kicked out after a year and a half – he then enrolled at London School of Economics to study social anthropology, planning to leave the world of hospitality behind, but the death of his father meant he returned to help out his mother with the running of the restaurant.

It was while working in the restaurant that Andrew realised there were huge connections between food and culture, and he began to take an interest in the traditional cuisine of China. He decided to enrol at Westminster Kingsway College to gain a grounding in cooking – taking evening classes while helping out in the restaurant and completing his studies at LSE at the same time – and started to think about the direction the restaurant could take. Instead of cooking the same old anglicised Cantonese dishes that could be found in every other Chinese restaurant, Andrew decided to do something different – and spent the next six years working on a concept for a place that would explore, educate and shed light on the regional cuisine of China.