Chalkstream trout and cucumber tartare

This refreshing bowl of delicious trout tartare calls for the highest quality and freshest trout. The cucumber is both blitzed into a lightly pickled dressing and diced to give a little texture to the dish. The crispy nori seaweed finishes the starter off nicely with a toasted, umami flavour of the sea, while the simple yolk sauce adds just the right amount of richness. A heavenly combination!

First published in 2022

Dan says: 'Chalkstream trout features on most of our menus. They are based in Hampshire and supply the most delicious fresh British trout which is reared in beautiful crystal clear streams packed full of minerals. We buy direct from the farm which you can do through their website too.'




Cucumber dressing


Dill oil

  • 100g of dill
  • 200g of rapeseed oil, or vegetable oil

Egg yolk sauce

To serve



Begin by making the dill oil. Blanch the dill for 5 seconds in boiling water then transfer to iced water to refresh. Squeeze the dill dry, roughly chop then add to a blender with the oil. Blend on the highest setting until the oil turns bright green. Line a sieve with muslin cloth or a piece of kitchen towel and place it over a bowl. Pour the oil into the cloth and place in the fridge to strain


Ensure the trout has been pin-boned, then sprinkle with himalayan pink salt on both sides and leave to cure for 10 minutes. Wash the salt off, pat dry and neatly dice the fish into 7mm cubes. Scrape the seeds out of the half cucumber and reserve, then cut the cucumber into the same-sized cubes


To make the cucumber dressing, roughly chop the cucumbers and place in a blender with the seeds from the diced cucumber for the tartare. Blend until completely smooth


Toast the spices in a hot, dry pan until fragrant. Pour in 50ml of the blitzed cucumber, then bring to the boil. Add the white wine vinegar, sugar, dill and thyme and stir to dissolve the sugar, then add this mixture to the rest of the blitzed cucumber with the bonito vinegar and xanthan gum. Strain through a fine sieve and set aside 


For the tartare, place the diced trout and cucumber in a bowl with the rest of the ingredients and gently mix together 


To make the yolk sauce, mix all the ingredients together until smooth and silky


To serve, divide the tartare mixture between 8 bowls (rice or ramen bowls are good) then pour over a teaspoon of yolk sauce over the trout. Gently pour a small pool of the dressing around the trout and split it with some drops of dill oil. Finish with the crispy nori strips

First published in 2022

Having worked in kitchens since the age of twelve, Dan Kenny has developed his own playful brand of cooking, partly influenced by his time spent living in Asia. Since 2015, he’s been showcasing his food in Brighton at various iterations of his restaurant The Set.

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