Summer vegetables with smoked cheese and herbs


First published in 2015
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Summer vegetables

Smoked cheese


Start by preparing the yoghurt. Place 2 layers of muslin cloth on top of one another. Encase the yoghurt in the cloth, tie and leave to strain overnight in the fridge
Remove from the fridge and leave in the cloth. Place in the smoker with hay instead of wood chips and smoke for 4-5 minutes. Once smoked, store in the fridge until required
  • 200g of hay
To prepare and clean the vegetables, cut the broccoli and spring onions on an angle, leaving the root on ,and the baby gem into quarters. Do not peel the baby carrots or radishes, but wash thoroughly
Bring the stock to the boil then add the carrots and spring onions. Leave to cook for 2 minutes before adding the baby gems and purple sprouting broccoli. Cook for another 3 minutes, then add the butter, salt and pepper and remove from the heat
Next, add the radishes, wild leeks, wild garlic and black mustard. Sprinkle with the chopped parsley. Serve the warm vegetables in a bowl with the smoked cheese on the side and garnish with the garlic mustard
First published in 2015
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