Steak frites sandwich with peppercorn sauce mayo

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  • 1 hour 15 minutes plus several hours for soaking the potatoes

This sandwich is based on the classic steak, frites and sauce combination. We make a rich peppercorn sauce with two types of peppercorns and use it to make a peppercorn sauce mayonnaise, then serve the rest on the side in the style of a French dip. Of course, the sauce is perfect for dunking the extra chips into, too.

First published in 2023




  • 1 sirloin steak
  • 1 tbsp of vegetable oil, or groundnut oil
  • 4 tbsp of mayonnaise
  • 1 baguette, halved widthways to make 2 lengths
  • 1 tbsp of Dijon mustard
  • flaky sea salt


Peppercorn sauce



Peel and slice the potatoes into thin chips – around 1cm thickness. Place into a bowl and cover with cold water. Soak the chips for at least a couple of hours, to remove starch and ensure a crispy result


To make the peppercorn sauce, transfer one third of the peppercorns to a pestle and mortar and crush them roughly


Melt the butter in a frying pan and add the shallots and all the peppercorns. Cook until the shallots have softened but not coloured


Add the red wine and let it bubble down until reduced by half


Add the Worcestershire sauce and stock and reduce by half again

  • 1 dash of Worcestershire sauce
  • 200ml of beef stock

Remove the sauce from the heat and stir in the cream. Check the seasoning and add salt if necessary, then cover and set aside

  • 100ml of double cream

Next, cook the steak. Heat a heavy based frying pan or griddle over a high heat


Rub the steak lightly with oil and season very well with flaky sea salt

  • 1 sirloin steak
  • 1 tbsp of vegetable oil, or groundnut oil

Once the pan is very hot, add the steak - it should sizzle and smoke dramatically (you might want to open a window at this point!)


Cook for a minute or two each side - the exact cooking time will depend on the thickness and shape of your steak. For medium rare meat, a probe thermometer should read 52ºC when inserted into the thickest part of the steak


Once cooked to your liking, remove the steak from the pan and set aside to rest while you cook the fries


Heat oil for deep-frying to a temperature of 140ºC. Cook the fries for around 6 minutes, or until they are a light golden colour and a little crispy

  • 1 tbsp of vegetable oil, or groundnut oil

Drain on kitchen paper


Increase the temperature of the oil to 180ºC, then fry the fries a second time, until golden brown and crisp - this will only take a couple of minutes. Drain on kitchen paper once more


Make the peppercorn sauce mayo by combining 2 tablespoons of the peppercorn sauce with the mayonnaise and mixing well

  • 4 tbsp of mayonnaise

Tip any resting juices from the steak into the remaining peppercorn sauce and gently reheat it, then tip into a small serving dish


To assemble the sandwiches, slice the baguette lengths and spread one side with mustard and the other with the peppercorn sauce mayo

  • 1 baguette, halved widthways to make 2 lengths
  • 1 tbsp of Dijon mustard

Top with sliced steak and a generous handful of fries, then close the sandwiches and serve the remaining sauce on the side, for dipping

First published in 2023

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