Poached duck egg, leeks vinaigrette, deep fried snails and bacon, garlic butter


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Garlic butter


To serve

Begin by preparing the garlic butter. Add all of the ingredients to a bowl, mix well to combine and scrape out into a long sausage shape onto a sheet of tin foil. Roll up in the foil and chill in the fridge until required
To prepare the snails, wrap each snail in a piece of ventrèche and secure with a cocktail stick. Once by one, roll each snail through the flour, shake off any excess, then dip into the beaten egg to coat. Roll through the breadcrumbs and set aside until required
For the vinaigrette, add the mustard, salt, pepper and red wine vinegar to a bowl and whisk to combine. Pour the oil into the bowl in a steady stream, whisking continuously. For best results, use an electric hand blender and its matching jug
Preheat the deep-fryer to 180°C
Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil. Trim and clean the leeks, then cut into 8 neat pieces, approximately 6cm in length. Poach gently in barely simmering water until tender, then drain and place in a dish. Pour the vinaigrette over the leeks and leave to stand for 10 minutes
Meanwhile, heat a separate, shallow pan of salted water and poach the eggs. Remove the cocktail sticks from the snails and deep-fry until golden brown and piping hot
Heat 2 tablespoons of the garlic butter in a pan until bubbling. Place the duck eggs in the centre of each plate, and arrange 2 pieces of leek alongside. Stir the parsley into the vinaigrette and spoon over the leeks and egg
Add 3 small spoonfuls of the garlic butter onto each plate. Drain the snails, season with salt and add a snail to each puddle of garlic butter. Serve immediately
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