Preserved lemon panna cotta with pistachios and berry and mint compote

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  • 50 minutes plus 3 hours for the panna cotta to set

This preserved lemon panna cotta recipe is paired with a vibrant berry and mint compote, then finished with a sprinkle of crunchy pistachios. This simple but impressive dessert combines the creamy richness of panna cotta with the zesty tang of preserved lemons. 

First published in 2024




Preserved lemon panna cotta

Berry and mint compote




For the panna cotta, begin by blooming the gelatin by soaking the leaves in cold water for around 10 minutes 

  • 7g of platinum grade gelatine leaves, or 3 leaves

Combine the milk, cream and sugar in a pot over a low heat. Stir until the sugar fully dissolves

  • 70ml of milk
  • 250ml of heavy cream
  • 150g of sugar

Add in the vanilla and preserved lemon juice, then squeeze out the water of the gelatin leaves and add them to the warm cream. Stir well then, once the gelatin has dissolved fully, pour the mix into four small serving bowls


Chill the panna cotta in the fridge for around 3 hours or until set 


Meanwhile, to make the berry and mint compote add the roughly chopped fruit to a pot over a medium-low heat along with the sugar, red wine vinegar and cinnamon stick 


Let the mix simmer and gently reduce for around 10 minutes, then stir through the chopped mint. Transfer the mix to a jar then reserve until needed 

  • 1 bunch of mint, roughly chopped

To serve, take the panna cotta out of the fridge and spoon over a generous portion of the berry and mint compote. Top with chopped pistachios, strips of preserved lemon rind and fresh mint leaves 

First published in 2024

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