Potato dumplings with potted shrimp

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This gnocchi dish by Joe Fox can be put together in just one hour, and the results are absolutely delicious. Joe infuses a butter-based sauce with brown shrimp, mace, cayenne, paprika and anchovy, then tosses beautiful potato dumplings through the mixture with lemon and sea purslane. Perfect for an al fresco summer lunch.

First published in 2020
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There are many ways to make gnocchi, but the core tenets hold true regardless of how you decide to cook your potatoes. Firstly, don't let the potatoes get too waterlogged – dry, cooked potato is important if you want fluffy gnocchi. Steaming or roasting are the most reliable methods of cooking potatoes but if you decide to boil them, try not to over-boil, otherwise they become waterlogged. Letting the potatoes steam dry for a few minutes afterwards can make all the difference too.

When it comes to making the gnocchi dough, try not to use too much flour – Joe uses a ratio of 300g potato to 75g strong flour to bring the dough together, then he works it gently until smooth. If you overwork your dough, the gnocchi will end up tough and chewy.

If you want to make your gnocchi in advance, Joe advises cooking the dumplings as normal, then chilling them in ice water, coating in a splash of vegetable oil and storing them in the fridge – they should keep for a couple of days, ready to be warmed through before serving.




Potted shrimp butter

Potato dumplings

To finish

  • 1 lemon, zested
  • 100g of sea purslane


  • Steamer
  • Microplane
  • Mouli or potato ricer


Set up a steamer and steam the potatoes for 20 minutes until soft all the way through. You can also bake the potatoes and scrape out the centre if you like
Meanwhile, make the potted shrimp butter. Melt the butter with the bay leaves, then add the spices and anchovy essence. When all combined, remove the bay leaves, pour the butter over the brown shrimp and allow to cool. Reserve in the pan for later
Once the potatoes are cooked, let them cool a little so they can be handled. Push them through a potato ricer and place in a large bowl. Alternatively, you can push the potatoes through a sieve
Make a well in the centre of the potato. Mix the egg, egg yolk, cheese and salt together and pour into the well. With one hand, gently start to fold the ingredients together until combined well. Add the flour and knead gently until the flour is fully incorporated and the dough is soft. Don't overmix or the dumplings will be tough – the dough should feel soft
Lay baking paper on the back of a baking tray and sprinkle lightly with flour. Cut your dough into 6 pieces and place on a lightly floured work surface. Roll each piece into a long roll roughly 2cm in diameter, then cut into 3cm pieces and place on the baking trays. Continue this process until all the dough is rolled and cut
Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and reheat the shrimp butter gently in the pan
When all the dumplings have been cut, sprinkle them with a little more flour. Slide the dumplings into the boiling salted water and simmer for a few minutes – when the dumplings rise to the surface they're cooked. Remove from the water and toss in the sauce with the sea purslane for a minute or two until you have a nice glossy sauce. Plate the dish and finish with a grating of lemon zest
First published in 2020

Joe Fox is a London-based chef, specialising in modern British cuisine inspired by seasonality and the Slow Food movement.

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