Pork secretos with artichokes and red wine tapioca

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This colourful and flavourful recipe from Nuno Mendes uses highly-prized pork secretos and requires lengthy cooking sous vide at a low temperature. If you don't have a sous vide you can roast the pork instead. Along with the artichokes and red wine tapioca, this dish is sumptuous.

First published in 2015




Pork secretos


Onion paste

Baby artichokes


  • Water bath
  • Sous vide bags


Leave the pork to marinate in the olive oil, thyme, smashed garlic and black and white pepper for 4 hours
Put the secretos in a bag, vacuum seal and cook sous vide at 65°C for 12 hours

Blanch the tapioca in boiling water for 1 minute then remove with a slotted spoon or fine mesh strainer and allow to cool. Blanch again for 3 minutes then soak the tapioca in the red wine

Julienne (slice into thin strips) the onions, then braise them in enough red wine to cover. Reduce the red wine and onion down to a paste, remove 100g of the onion paste and chop finely on a board. Add the mustard and season to taste
Drop the prepared artichokes into a pan with the onion, white wine, parsley, garlic, salt, olive oil and thyme to stop them going brown and cook until soft. Cut each artichoke into quarters
To serve, position the pork secretos on each plate. Spoon the onion and mustard mixture next to the meat, then spoon over the tapioca in the red wine, making sure to drizzle some of the jus onto the meat. Arrange four of the artichoke quarters around the meat, then place 3 cherries around the edge of the plate
First published in 2015

For a chef, having mentors like Jean-Georges Vongerichten and Ferran Adrià must be akin to taking music classes with Chopin and Brahms. Nuno Mendes' London restaurant demonstrates the qualities of ambition that most good protégés possess.

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