Poached native lobster tail with marinated tomatoes and tomato consommé

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This light, summery seafood dish combines tender, poached lobster tails with marinated tomatoes and a deeply savoury tomato consommé. Keep any leftover consommé in the fridge and enjoy as a refreshing, stand-alone soup. 

First published in 2022
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Tomato consommé

Marinated tomatoes




Start making the consommé by mixing all the ingredients together and leaving in a bowl overnight in the fridge


The next day, roughly blitz the ingredients in a blender (do not over-blitz, the mixture should still be chunky)


Hang the pulp in muslin for 12 hours, using a bowl underneath to collect the juices


Prepare the lobster tails by bringing a large pan of salted water to the boil. Cook the tails for 2 minutes before placing into iced water


Once chilled, use scissors to gently remove the shells from the flesh. Place the tails into the tomato consommé


Make the marinated tomatoes by scoring a cross on the top of the cherry tomatoes. Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and add the tomatoes for about 10-20 seconds to blister the skin before straining and adding to iced water to cool down


Gently peel the skin off before seasoning with salt and the chopped basil stalks. Set aside for 10 minutes before covering with the oil


The next day, transfer the consommé and lobster tails to a pan and poach gently at about 60°C for 6-8 minutes. Once cooked, cut the tails in half and divide between bowls with the tomatoes. Pour some of the consommé over each lobster tail, like a dressing. Garnish with the micro basil

First published in 2022

One of the youngest winners in MasterChef: The Professionals history, Steven Edwards is a chef bursting with both ambition and creativity. This is clear for all to see at his restaurant etch. in Hove, where his accomplished, modern British cookery has won him numerous accolades.

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