Mulled wine-cured salmon

This festive take on cured salmon uses lots of wintery spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in the cure, and then glazes the salmon in a sticky mulled wine glaze. The plate is garnished with some slivers of golden beetroot, caviar and crème fraîche.

First published in 2022




Mulled Wine Salmon Cure

Mulled wine glaze

Roast golden beetroot




For the cured salmon, mix the salt, sugar and spices together and add the beetroot juice


Spread the salt mix all over the salmon. Wrap the salmon in cling film with the salt mix packed all around it


Let the salmon cure in the fridge for 1-2 hours. You are looking for the flesh of the salmon to become slightly more firm


Next, make the mulled wine glaze. Add all of the ingredients for the glaze into a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Cook over a medium-high heat until the liquid is reduced by half, stirring occasionally


Once the glaze has reduced, pass it through a fine mesh sieve and set aside to cool


Once the salmon is ready, rinse off the excess salt mixture and pat it dry


Brush the cured salmon all over with the mulled wine glaze, and then place it in the fridge, uncovered, until the glaze has set, about 15-30 minutes


Repeat this glazing process 4 more times, or until the salmon is well glazed


To make the roast beetroot, preheat the oven to 200°C/gas mark 6


Rub the beetroots with a little bit of olive oil, season them with salt and then wrap them in tin foil with some thyme tucked inside


Bake the beetroots until they reach a core temperature of 94°C - this will vary depending on the size of the beetroot, so check them every 20 minutes or so. They will probably take around 1 hour


Remove the beetroots from the oven and set aside to cool


Once the beetroots have cooled, use some kitchen towel or a clean cloth to gently rub off their skin


Slice the golden beetroots very thinly, and then dress them with some olive oil. Set aside


To plate the dish, first cut the skin off the blood orange and chop the flesh up into segments


Slice the cured, glazed salmon very thinly and put a few slices on each plate. Add a few slices of roast beetroot, and then garnish with crème fraîche, blood orange segments, caviar and the bronze fennel leaves. Serve with soda bread on the side

First published in 2022

After spending stints in renowned kitchens such as Cliveden House and The Waterside Inn, Jozef Rogulski helped launch The Game Bird at London’s Stafford hotel where, as executive chef, he cooks a menu of refined, beautifully presented contemporary British comfort food.

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