Mayak eggs with crispy five-spice kale

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  • 30 minutes plus overnight marination for the mayak eggs

These mayak eggs, marinated in a soy-based sauce overnight with chillies and spring onions, are an explosion of umami flavour. Paired with crispy kale seasoned with Chinese five spice, brown sugar and a hint of salt, this dish is perfect served over white rice for a quick but satisfying meal. 

First published in 2024




Mayak eggs


Crispy five-spice kale

To serve



A day ahead of serving, begin by preparing the boiled eggs. Fill a pot with water then add in the fine salt and white wine vinegar 


Bring the water to a boil then turn down to a gentle simmer. Add in the eggs and simmer for 7 minutes 


While the eggs cook, add ice to cold water to prepare an ice bath


Whisk together all the ingredients for the marinade


Once the eggs are finished cooking, transfer them to the ice bath and leave to cool


Gently crack the edges of the eggs, then peel off the shell. Transfer the eggs to an airtight container, then pour over the marinade, ensuring that the eggs are fully submerged 


Seal the container and leave the eggs to marinate overnight 


The next day, prepare the crispy kale. Remove the stalks from the kale then finely shred the leaves 


Heat enough oil to submerge the kale in a large pot over medium until it reaches smoking point. Add in the kale and cook until crisp 

  • vegetable oil, for frying

Mix together the brown sugar, Chinese five spice and salt then add to a large mixing bowl. Once the kale has cooled, add it into the mixing bowl and toss to coat with the sugar and spice mix


Meanwhile, bring the rice and water to the boil in large saucepan set over medium-high heat 


Cover with a lid and turn the heat down to low 


Leave to cook for 13 minutes, untouched, then remove from the stove and leave to steam for 10 minutes off the heat 


After 10 minutes, remove the lid from the pot and fluff the rice with a fork 


To plate, spoon the rice into bowls, then top with a handful of crispy kale and a mayak egg sliced in half 


Top with a spoon of the marinade along with some white sesame seeds, the sliced spring onion, then serve with a generous drizzle of chilli oil if desired 

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