• 4
  • 30 minutes plus 24 hours for cooking the stew

This recipe by chef Dani Carnero is inspired by a garlic and bread soup from Malaga called maimones. The broth is cooked very slowly over embers in the restaurant for at least 24 hours. At home, just cook it for as long as you can.

First published in 2023






Mix all the ingredients together apart from the bread and courgette and cook in a large, covered pot on the stove on a low heat (or over the embers of a fire) for as long as you can. At the restaurant it is cooked for a minimum of 24 hours


Strain the broth through a fine sieve, and then season with salt. Soak the bread in some of the strained, seasoned broth

  • salt
  • stale bread, cut into large cubes

Place the bread on a plate and place the diced courgette around the bread. Pour over the remaining broth just before serving

First published in 2023

Dani Carnero began his career working in some of Spain’s greatest kitchens, including under Ferran Adrià at El Bulli and has since gone on to open a number of restaurants of his own in Málaga, including the Michelin-starred Kaleja. There, he aims to showcase the traditional cookery style of Málaga, using the exquisite local produce to do so.

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