Glazed lobster omelette

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Shay Cooper elevates the humble omelette to a dish oozing with luxury by adding lobster. This lobster omelette recipe is a signature dish at The Goring, where Shay is Head Chef, and comes topped with a brandy-enriched thermidor glaze.

First published in 2015




For the omelette

Thermidor glaze

To garnish


To begin, render the lobsters insensate by leaving them in the freezer until immobile and nonreactive - this may take a few hours
Bring a large pan of water to a rapid boil. Once insensate, kill the lobsters humanely and place into the boiling water. Cook for 8 minutes, then remove and place into a bowl of ice water
Remove the meat from the claws and knuckles, leaving them in large, intact pieces. Remove the tail meat from the tails, keeping each half intact, and place them in the fridge - these will be kept for presentation. Cut the reserved claw and knuckle meat into neat, big chunks and refrigerate until required
For the thermidor glaze, melt the butter in a heavy-based saucepan. Once the butter begins to foam, add the cognac and allow to evaporate for 20 seconds. Add the lobster stock, basil and tarragon and reduce down by half
Once reduced, add the flour and mix with a spatula until a smooth paste forms and comes away from the sides of the pan. Cook out over a low heat for approximately 3 minutes, stirring constantly
  • 75g of flour
Once cooked, remove the pan from the heat and add the egg yolks, mustard, vinegar and Parmesan. Mix until smooth, then whisk in the milk and cream. Season with lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste, then allow to cool and reserve until required
To make the omelettes, crack 3 eggs into a bowl and whisk until bubbles appear. Split the eggs into 4 separate bowls, season and cook in individual, non-stick pans over a medium heat, constantly folding the egg into itself until rivets begin to appear and the omelettes take shape
Once the omelettes have begun to lightly set, evenly spread the lobster meat on top of each
Add a generous spoonful of the thermidor glaze and spread out to form a smooth layer on top of each omelette. Place under a medium grill and cook until the glaze is golden brown
Place the pans onto plates, garnish with fennel tops and serve immediately
First published in 2015

One of England’s up-and-coming, ultra-talented chefs with Michelin pedigree, Shay Cooper started cooking as a commis chef in 1997, before he was even out of school.

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