Linseed and coconut pudding with smoked syrup

Linseed and coconut pudding with smoked syrup



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This is a play on a chia pudding I had a few years ago in Austraila. We make it with linseeds for a couple of reasons; we can guarantee supply of linseed from Europe, and the manner in which they develop over time in the dish adds a complexity and crunch that can never be achieved with chia. The texture makes it feel more like muesli than a squishy pudding. There is nothing nice about the texture of chia when soaked. It’s like an underripe banana. Absolutely appalling

Make the pudding 24 hours in advance. Place all the ingredients in a pan and heat to 70°C over a medium heat, stirring constantly. Remove from the heat and tip into a container. Set aside in the fridge for 24 hours
For the smoked syrup, Place the golden syrup in a shallow baking dish. Place the hot coal in a smaller metal vessel and sit it in the syrup. Add the smoking chips to the coal and cover with foil. The smoking chips and the coal should sit like an island in their vessel billowing smoke. When covered the smoke will slowly infiltrate the syrup. Leave for up to an hour
Take the pudding from the fridge (after waiting 24 hours), place 2 scoops in a bowl with some slices of stone fruit and edible flowers. Cover with macadamia and lashings of the smoked syrup
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