Fried bantam’s egg, celeriac purée, celeriac crisps, Morteau sausage, wild rice crumb

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Colin McGurran's beautiful starter makes a sublime dinner party dish – a stunning medley of creamy celeriac purée, crispy puffed wild rice, pork scratching and garlic crumb, and gloriously smoky Morteau sausage.

First published in 2017




Celeriac crisps

Celeriac purée

Wild rice crumb

Morteau sausage

Fried eggs

  • 4 small eggs, preferably bantam eggs
  • oil, for frying


To make the celeriac crisps, peel the celeriac, then use a peeler to slice into long sheets. Add a dash of oil to a hot pan, add the celeriac sheets, then season with salt and push flat with a fish slice
Cook until dark brown, then place in a dehydrator or oven and leave to cook at 70°C overnight
To make the celeriac purée, peel and dice the celeriac and place in a pan with the butter. Cook on a medium heat until the celeriac is a dark golden colour, then add the milk and dashi stock
Cover with a cartouche and cook until the celeriac is very soft. Transfer the contents of the pan to a jug blender, blitz until smooth then pass through a sieve
For the wild rice crumb, preheat a deep pan of vegetable oil to 200°C. Preheat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4
  • vegetable oil, for deep-frying
Add the wild rice to the hot oil. As soon as it puffs up, remove with a slotted spoon and drain on kitchen paper. Remove the pan from the heat, allowing the oil to reduce in temperature to 120°C, then sustain that temperature to cook the garlic crisps
Slice the bread into a 1cm dice and bake in the oven for 4 minutes, until crisp
  • 4 slices of wholemeal bread
For the garlic crisps, preheat the reserved vegetable oil to 120°C
Thinly slice the garlic and blanch in milk. Pat dry, then fry in the vegetable oil until crisp
Drain on kitchen paper, then mix the garlic with the breadcrumbs, wild rice and chopped pork scratchings
When ready to serve, cut the Morteuax sausage into a 1cm dice. Place on a tray then warm under the grill
To serve, gently warm through the celeriac purée and spoon some into the centre of each bowl. Fry the bantam eggs, place on top of the purée then scatter the sausage around the egg
  • oil, for frying
  • 4 small eggs, preferably bantam eggs
Scatter the crumb mix over the dish and garnish with celeriac crisps and micro red mustard frills
First published in 2017

Colin McGurran began his career with a burning ambition to own a red Mercedes. Almost 20 years on and he has fulfilled that ambition and much more besides.

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