Fish sekuwa with Gurkha chutney


First published in 2021
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To serve


Begin by making the chutney, as this can be done in advance. Preheat an oven to as high as it will go, then place the tomatoes, onions and garlic on a tray and cook in the oven until blackened all over (around 10-15 minutes, depending on your oven)


Leave until cool enough to handle, then peel the onions and tomatoes and peel the cloves from the garlic bulb. Give everything a rough chop, then place in a blender along with any juices. Add the chilli powder and Timur pepper and blitz until smooth


Pour the contents of the blender into a mixing bowl and add the cherry tomatoes, coriander stalks, ginger and green chilli. Season to taste with salt and lime juice, then set aside


For the sekuwa, place all the ingredients (apart from the fish) in a bowl and mix into a smooth paste


Trim the fish, removing any skin, then cut into bite-sized pieces. Pat the fish dry, then apply the spice paste evenly all over. Set aside on a plate or tray in the fridge for 30-45 minutes


To cook the fish, place a wide non-stick frying pan over a medium heat. Place the fillets in the pan, working in batches if you need to, and cook until the spice paste turns golden brown and crisps up


Flip the fish and cook on the other side until crisp, then place on serving plates


Serve the sekuwa with dollops of the chutney, pink pickled red onion, coriander and a wedge of lime

First published in 2021
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