Rudolph's breakfast

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Rudolph would surely enjoy this hearty breakfast after a long night of delivering presents! This great recipe from William Drabble is perfect for Christmas and will give everyone the energy they need. Let the kids choose their own favourite wintry fruit.

First published in 2015





Place the porridge oats into a bowl and mix in the milk, honey and crème fraîche. Leave in the fridge to soak overnight (if it goes too thick, add a little more milk in the morning)
The next day, add some cut grapes, banana, dried cranberries, apple and a small dollop of crème fraîche
Divide the porridge into bowls and top with small dollops of crème fraîche. Place a cherry on top of each dollop to make Rudolph's nose, serve with a little extra milk if necessary
First published in 2015

Beginning his career as an unpaid kitchen worker at the age of fourteen, William Drabble has steadily worked his way up to the position of Executive Chef at one of London's most prestigious hotels.

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