Carbonara with cured egg yolk

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  • 40 minutes plus time for curing and drying the egg yolks

The secret to a perfect carbonara is the emulsification of egg yolk, pasta water and Parmesan cheese, which combine to make a silky sauce that should coat each strand of pasta. We garnish ours with grated cured egg yolk, which is easy to make and adds an extra layer of flavour. This dish is guaranteed to impress!

First published in 2023
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Cured egg yolks




Start the cured yolks 24 hours ahead. Cover the base of a container in fine sea salt and make two dimples in it for holding the eggs


Make sure the egg yolks are completely free of white, then slip them into the dimples in the salt


Cover the yolks with more salt, then refrigerate overnight


Preheat the oven to 40ºC fan


Wash the yolks under cold running water, then place them on an oiled rack like a cooling rack. Transfer to the oven for three hours. They will become hard and ready for grating


To cook the carbonara, warm two serving dishes in a low oven


Heat the olive oil in a high sided frying pan, and add the guanciale and garlic clove. Cook until the fat has rendered – around 10 minutes. Discard the garlic clove


Cook the pasta in boiling salted water until al dente


Whisk 2 egg yolks in a bowl with a pinch of salt


Once the pasta is almost cooked, use tongs to lift it into the frying pan with the guanciale


Stir the pasta to coat it in the pork fat, adding a splash of pasta water. Keep mixing until everything is coated in a silky sauce, adding more pasta water as necessary


Quickly add the beaten yolks to the pan, stirring vigorously, then add a little more pasta water, continuously stirring. You’ll be surprised at the amount of pasta water it can take, so don’t be too cautious


Add the Parmesan and continue stirring, adding more water if it becomes claggy. Season with black pepper


Transfer to the warm serving bowls and top with the grated cured egg yolk

First published in 2023

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