Boşnak mantısı (Bosnian dumplings)

  • 4
  • 1 hour 30 minutes plus a day for resting the dough

These Bosnian dumplings from Esra Muslu are more similar to a flaky pastry than typical boiled dumplings, and are served with a garlic yogurt and a generous amount of chilli butter. 

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First published in 2022





  • 250g of plain flour
  • 2g of Maldon salt
  • 125g of water
  • 25g of butter, melted
  • 5g of sunflower oil


Chilli butter

Garlic yogurt


  • dried mint
  • sumac



Mix together the flour, salt and water until well combined. Divide the dough into 6 pieces


Combine the melted butter and sunflower oil

  • 25g of butter, melted
  • 5g of sunflower oil

Roll out each piece of dough to around 15cm and spread with some of the oil and butter mixture


Pair the sheets up, placing one on top of another, so you have three pairs. Let them rest for a day


The next day, preheat the oven to 180°C/gas mark 4


Mix the filling ingredients together in a medium bowl


Take one of the paired up pieces of dough, and roll the two halves together. Keep rolling it out until it is so thin it is completely transparent - don't worry if you get some holes


Spread a third of the filling in a thin sausage shape down one side of the dough


Roll the edges of the dough over the sausage shape and keep rolling it until it is wrapped up in the thin layers of dough


Tear off any excess pastry at either edge of the sausage shape, and down the middle


Repeat this process for the other pieces of dough


Cut each log into 5cm pieces, and fold the edges of the dough underneath each piece to seal the filling in


Add the dumplings to a cast iron pan or baking tray and bake for 25-30 minutes


While the dumplings bake, make the Aleppo butter. Add the Aleppo chilli flakes and butter to a pan, and cook over a medium heat until the butter takes on the red colour of the chilli. Once coloured, strain the chilli flakes


Combine the garlic, yogurt and salt


Once the dumplings are cooked, drizzle them generously with the chilli butter. Serve the dumplings topped with the garlic yogurt, and sprinkled with sumac and dried mint

  • dried mint
  • sumac
First published in 2022

Having grown up in Istanbul and opened a series of restaurants there, Esra Muslu relocated to London in 2017, where she made it her aim to showcase the regionality of Turkish cuisine through her food.

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