Charred baby corn salad with prunes and mustard


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Charred baby corn salad with prunes and mustard

To begin, make the sauce. Blitz the mustard and prunes in a blender, blend in the olive oil in a slow stream and mix in some water to mellow. You should have a coulis-like consistency
Add a dash of oil and a dash of water to a frying pan and fry the baby corn for a few minutes. Remove from the pan and blowtorch for a ‘barbecue’ effect until evenly charred, then cut in half lengthways
Use a spiralizer or mandoline to cut the courgette into spaghetti-like threads, focussing on the outside and skin of the courgette and discarding the seedy centre
Mix the courgetti with the salad leaves and add a splash of mustard sauce to the plates. Place the salad on top, then compose the baby corn, chicory leaves and capers around the salad. Serve immediately
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