How to separate eggs

How to separate eggs

Separating an egg is useful to know as there are many recipes which use just one or the other.

The egg white (also known as albumen) is virtually fat-free and very high in protein. When whisked, they will foam up providing a light airy texture for cakes. They are also the main ingredient in meringues thanks to their strong structure.

If you intend on whisking up the whites to stiff peaks, it is essential you don't get any yolk mixed in as this will prevent it from stiffening properly. You also need a very clean bowl or whisk, as any grease can cause problems too. Egg whites freeze well, so store them in the freezer if only using the yolks to avoid waste.

Yolks are maybe most synonymously associated with mayonnaise. But they are also used to glaze or enrich pastries. Many chefs also confit, pickle or cure them, which firms them up a little but ensures their centres still ooze once pierced or cut open.

Follow our simple steps for separating eggs below or watch the video above to see how it's done.

Prepare two bowls, one for whites and the other for yolks
Tap the egg on the side of a bowl and slightly pull apart the two halves of shell, letting the whites drop into the bowl below whilst keeping the yolk in place
Carefully tip the yolk from one half of the shell to another, working back and forth until you are left with only the yolk. This can go into the second bowl