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How to make a chilli oil

by Great British Chefs11 May 2015

How to make a chilli oil

Chilli oil is very easy to make at home and has a range of uses in the kitchen. Using dried chillies means you can control the heat of the oil and they also impart more flavour. Use a flavourless oil to really let the chilli shine through.

Place a small pan over a medium heat and add good quality olive oil
Heat the olive oil until hot but not bubbling and add the chilli flakes to the pan and stir
Leave for 2–3 minutes. Remove from the heat and allow to cool
Transfer the infusing oil into a sterilised bottle and leave to infuse for a further 12 hours before using
The longer you leave it the hotter the oil will be

Serving suggestions

Bryan Webb adds garlic and anchovy to his chilli oil for an extra punch and serves with red mullet.

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