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How to crimp a pie crust

by Great British Chefs4 November 2015

How to crimp a pie crust

Crimping the edges of a pie not only looks pretty but it also helps the pastry and filling stay in place when cooking. Pies are generally made with shortcrust pastry and for best results it is important to keep the pastry cool when rolling and shaping.

Roll out the pastry so that it is slightly larger than the top of your pie dish. Place over the top of the pie to cover. Push down gently on the edges to seal
Pick up the pie dish and cut away the excess pastry with a small knife, following the rim of the dish but be careful not to cut away too much pastry (it will shrink slightly when cooked)
The most classic crimp is a scalloped crimp, use your index finger to push down on the edge of the pastry and use the finger and thumb of your other hand to pinch the pastry either side. Repeat around the rim of the pie
Another crimp you could try is with a fork, simply make indentations around the edge of the pie with the prongs of the fork, pressing down gently but being careful not to cut into the pastry. You could try using other kitchen utensils to create different effects
For something a little more impressive, make small cuts at 1.5cm intervals around the edges of the pastry, then fold over at a 45° angle and push down to seal
Once you have finished you desired crimp brush the pastry top all over with an egg wash to glaze
Bake in a hot oven, as per the recipe's instructions, until golden brown and crispy

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