How to cook gammon steaks

How to cook gammon steaks

The gammon steak is a stalwart on pub menus throughout the land, often served with egg, pineapple and chips. Although there’s nothing strictly wrong with gammon and pineapple (the sweetness of the fruit actually balances the salty, fatty flavour of the meat wonderfully) there are so many more ways to enjoy this tasty cut, so why not branch out a little next time you cook it.

How to cook gammon steaks

Pan-frying and grilling are the two best, and quickest, ways of cooking gammon steaks. To pan-fry, follow the method below. If you'd prefer to grill the steaks, simply rub them in oil and grill for 3–4 minutes on each side before serving.

  • 1 gammon steak
  • oil
  • salt
  • pepper
Pour a glug of oil into a frying pan over a medium heat and allow it to come to temperature
Season the gammon steak and place the in the pan, seasoned-side down – it should sizzle immediately
Season the top side and allow to cook for 3 minutes. There's no need to move the steak around in the pan
After 3 minutes, flip the steak over and allow to cook for another 3 minutes, until both sides have a nice golden-brown crust. Serve immediately
How to cook gammon
How to cook gammon

Serving suggestions

James Mackenzie grills bone-in gammon steaks and serves them with gooseberry ketchup and crispy onion rings while Emily Watkins braises leg steaks before slicing and glazing them in honey for her pea and gammon salad. Gammon steaks also work brilliantly on the barbecue.

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