The Great British Chefs Christmas Gift Guide 2019

The Great British Chefs Christmas Gift Guide 2019

by Great British Chefs 28 November 2019

Go window shopping for the best in food, homewares, kitchen kit and experiences with this year's Great British Chefs Gift Guide.

Great British Chefs is a team of passionate food lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest food stories, news and reviews.

Great British Chefs is a team of passionate food lovers dedicated to bringing you the latest food stories, news and reviews as well as access to some of Britain’s greatest chefs. Our posts cover everything we are excited about from the latest openings and hottest food trends to brilliant new producers and exclusive chef interviews.

Christmas means many different things to different people, but at the very least it’s a chance to gorge ourselves on delicious treats, surrounded by the people we love. Food is an essential part of the fabric of Christmas, from chocolates and canapés to roast turkey, stuffing and pigs in blankets.

If you’re searching for the perfect gift for someone this Christmas, food might be a great place to start – whether they're a foodie or not. We’ve rounded up a choice selection of kitchen kit, intriguing ingredients, hampers, homewares and more, where you’re sure to find something of interest.

Kitchen kit

H&S Kitchen Timer


How often do you overcook something because you couldn’t be bothered to set a timer on your phone? This is our digi-timer of choice – big display, loud alarm. A great stocking filler.


Chocolate Makers Granite Slab


Know someone who’s tempted to temper? This piece of granite will keep melted chocolate at the right temperature for creating world-class truffles.


Heston Blumenthal by Salter Instant Read Digital Thermometer


Never doubt whether something is cooked again with this handy little thermometer, which records temperatures up to 200°C.


Kilner Ceramic Fermentation Set


Know a budding fermentation fan? Help them preserve and pickle their way to the top with this beautiful ceramic fermenting pot.


Sage Smoking Gun


Easily infuse food and drink with fresh smoke flavours with this simple to use smoking gun.



World Salt Selection


Not all salts are created equal – this pack of four salts from around the world shows off different tastes and textures for the more curious home cook.


The Ultimate Rude Health Gift Hamper


All the dairy-alternative drinks, cereals, oats and Rude Health merch you could ever want – perfect for the health-conscious breakfast lover in your life.


Belazu Luxury Hamper


A selection of Belazu’s most luxurious products, including vinegars, preserves, oils, condiments and spices. A must for anyone who’s a fan of flavour!


Peter's Yard Original Crispbreads with Serving Stand


Add a little style to your next cheeseboard with this neat little stand stacked with ringed sourdough crispbreads.


Pump Street Library of Bars


From one of the UK’s finest chocolatiers, this pack of ten top-quality chocolate bars takes the taster on a journey around the world’s finest cacao plantations.


Ingredients and food

Banyuls Vinegar


A very special red wine vinegar that’s jam-packed with berry fruit flavours and a deep complexity.


Colatura di Alici


One of the finest products to come from the Amalfi Coast, this anchovy sauce is revered for its umami-rich flavour.


Smith & Sinclair Alcoholic Gin Gummies


Certainly not for kids – these alcoholic gin sweets pack a punch at 7% ABV!


Carapelli Olive Oils


These blended olive oils from Tuscany are the best and most versatile around – perfect for those with a love for Mediterranean cooking.

From £6.50,

Eat Grub Edible Insect Starter Pack


Insects are set to play a big part in our culinary future. This starter pack is a great way to get to grips with the idea – or just to creep out the rest of the family.



RW2 Bright Dessert Spoon


The perfect spoon for eating with or creating rochers of ice cream and purées for restaurant-level presentation.


Deeka Storage Jar


These handblown glass jars come complete with hand-turned mango wood tops, resulting in a seriously elegant finish.


Quail Schnauzer Salt and Pepper Shakers


Hand-painted ceramic dogs that also happen to season your food – what more could you want?!


Vindar Magnetic Spice Containers


Tired of half-open bags of ground spices clogging up your cupboards? These little magnetic spice tins will hang out happily on your fridge, freeing up room for other essentials.


Artichoke Serving Platter


This enormous, glossy serving platter from Bordallo Pinheiro makes a perfect centrepiece for the table.


Classes, gift vouchers and subscriptions

Dusty Knuckle Baking Lessons


Give the gift of knowledge with one of these incredible classes from London’s best bakery, covering everything from bread and pastry to fermentation and pasta.

From £70,

Northcote Cookery School Courses


Learn from the masters in one of Lancashire’s most respected restaurant kitchens, covering a wide array of topics.

Various prices,

Sous Chef Gift Vouchers


One of our favourite websites for stocking up on weird and wonderful ingredients, kitchen kit and cookbooks from around the world.

From £10,

Cure and Simple Bacon Subscription


Artisanal bacon posted through the letterbox weekly, fortnightly or monthly? Where do we sign?

From £4.95,

Pong Cheese Subscription


Perfect for the fromage-obsessed, this monthly box contains four specially selected cheeses from around the world.

From £22 per month,


The Big Vegan Cheese Making Kit


Delve into the world of dairy-free cheese and make everything from cashew-based mozzarella to almond milk feta.


Great British Chefs Cookbook


Our best-selling cookbook is still helping home cooks up their culinary game – the perfect tome for those who love nothing more than cooking up a storm in the kitchen.


Are We Having Pancakes? T-Shirt


The eternal question.


Japanese Micro Herb Growing Set


Lots of Japanese micro herbs are near impossible to find in the UK; growing your own solves that problem (green fingers not included).


Fish poster


Remind yourself, and your friends, of the health benefits of oily ‘fisch’ with this German illustrated poster.


Blow the budget

Savernake Classic Chef’s Knife


Savernake knives are a great blend of durability and razor-sharp precision – use the code GBCSAVERNAKE to get one for just £300.


Coravin Model One Wine System


This revolutionary piece of kit means you can enjoy a glass of wine from a bottle without it spoiling, so you can enjoy the rest of it days, weeks or months later.


The Small Konro Grill


These little Japanese barbecues are a favourite with top chefs, transforming meat, fish and vegetables into smoky delicacies.


Marcato Otello Copper Pasta Maker


You can get a good pasta maker for less, but not one that looks as beautiful as this on your kitchen counter. Plus, it’s one of just 2,000 ever made!


Witloft Leather Knife Roll


There’s no better way to protect your knives (and yourself) than a quality leather roll. This one is as chic as they come, and you can personalise it with the recipient’s name.