Five dishes to up your avocado game

5 ways to make the most of avocados

by Harriet Jordan 06 March 2017

If you only eat avocados on toast, mashed into guacamole or sliced in salads, you’re seriously missing out. From ice creams to purées, here are five recipes that take cooking with avocado to the next level.

Harriet is events and partnerships manager at Great British Chefs.

Harriet is events and partnerships manager at Great British Chefs.

Time to say goodbye to the trendy avocado toasts that have been plaguing our brunches for so long. Bid adieu to the inexplicably smashed ‘avo’ peeking out from behind your bacon. It’s auf Wiedersehen to the slimy prawn cocktails of the past. This sensational green fruit deserves so much more than a slice of cold toast and we have the recipes that will light the way to a brighter, avocado-fuelled future. Take a look at how some of the UK’s best chefs use the creamy texture in their dishes and recreate them at home.

1. Make ice cream

We mean it when we say it’s time to get creative with your avocado and David Everitt-Matthias certainly hasn’t held back with this ridiculously indulgent dessert. The rich chocolate ganache is balanced by a smooth and zesty avocado ice cream with Malibu-infused shavings of coconut. It might sound crazy, but the flavours come together in perfect harmony, so get that ice cream machine churning and prepare yourself for a Michelin-starred culinary sensation.

2. Pair it with crab

You might have borderline traumatic memories of prawn cocktail gone wrong, often involving disconcertingly crunchy cubes of avocado. However, the fruit pairs with seafood remarkably well when done right. Stun guests at your next dinner party with Martin Wishart’s ode to crab; avocado is thinly sliced and delicately wrapped around a crab roulade in this beautiful, summery starter, which is served on a bed of feather-light avocado mousse. After tasting this you’ll understand why seafood and avocado are meant to be together.

3. Make a sorbet to chill your ceviche

Think clean; think fresh; think beautifully citrusy trout ceviche topped with a gorgeous lemon and lime-infused avocado sorbet. It might sound a bit experimental at first, but the frozen sorbet ensures the dish tastes as refreshing as possible. Serve this one up on a summer’s day when you’re feeling adventurous – your taste buds will thank you.

4. Whip up a parfait

Parfait is one of those desserts that always sounds and looks posh, but is actually very easy to make. Marcello Tully ups the ante by creating one out of avocado flesh – something that’s guaranteed to impress at any occasion. The fruit is combined with lime for a light citrus flavour before being covered in chocolate, which adds to the indulgence. Serve with a scoop of chocolate ice cream on the side and you’ve got a showstopping dessert on your hands.

5. Make a nice, simple purée

Purées look impressive, are a great way of adding colour and flavour to a dish and all you need to make this one is a hand blender. It’s artistically swiped across the plate before being topped with homemade pickled jalapeños and a simple prawn ceviche. Just watch the video to see how easy it is.