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Cookbook new releases: May 2017

Cookbook new releases: May 2017

by Great British Chefs 27 April 2017

Authentic dishes from Turkey, recipes from London’s best restaurants and clever ways to reduce food waste all feature in this month’s best new cookbooks.

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Oklava: Recipes from a Turkish-Cypriot Kitchen by Selin Kiazim (£25, Mitchell Beazley)

If you’re a Great British Menu fan you’ll be seeing Selin Kiazim competing in the coming weeks, which ties in nicely with her first cookbook Oklava (which means ‘rolling pin’ in Turkish). Selin’s Shoreditch restaurant of the same name has been serving up high-end Turkish and Cypriot dishes for a few years now to critical acclaim, and now we get the chance to cook the same loved dishes at home. Expect things like chilli-roast cauliflower, courgette, feta and mint fritters and prune and cardamom delice.

Out 4 May

London: The Cookbook by Cara Frost-Sharratt (£20, Frances Lincoln)

London is one of the world’s great culinary capitals, home to incredible restaurants, dedicated producers and thriving, bustling markets. This book pays homage to them all in the form of recipes and travel guides which celebrate everything great about the city. There’s some beautiful photography amongst the text, which covers topics such as the history of Bentley’s or how Portland is leading the new-wave of London’s chefs. Best of all though are the recipes for the signature dishes of restaurants like The Wolseley, Lyles and Barafina. The foreword by Fergus Henderson is the icing on the cake.

Out 4 May

Syria: Recipes from Home by Itab Azzam and Dina Mousawi (£19.99, Trapeze)

With all the tragedies and sadness surrounding Syria in the news today authors Itab and Dina wanted to celebrate the country’s incredible cuisine, to show the rest of the world just how special and integral food is to Syrian culture. They spent months cooking with and talking to Syrians across the Middle East and Europe, and this book is the result. It’s a fascinating combination of East meets West, with unique dishes such as cherry meatballs and hot yoghurt soup offering something new for home cooks everywhere.

Out 4 May

Sri Lanka: The Cookbook by Prakash K Sivanathan and Niranjala M Ellawala (£20, Frances Lincoln)

An exciting combination of Indian, Middle Eastern, Asian and European flavours, Sri Lankan food is starting to establish itself as one of this year’s most exciting cuisines. This book is the perfect introduction, introducing curious foodies to dishes like hoppers (thin fermented rice and coconut milk pancakes), sambols (a fiery grated coconut condiment) and vada (fried snacks sold as street food in the country). With 100 recipes that all celebrate the island’s wonderful ingredients, it’ll add a wealth of new flavours to your culinary repertoire.

Out 4 May

Too Good to Waste: How to Eat Everything by Victoria Glass (£14.99, Nourish)

Food waste is a serious issue, and in the UK we’ve finally started to think about how to reduce it. Victoria Glass’ new book lends a helping hand to home cooks who want to make the most of all the produce they buy, with ideas for using up scraps, leftover rice, spare egg whites and more. The recipes sound truly delicious, too – pumpkin skin crisps, brassica stem tempura and sour milk scones will soon become part of your weekly menu.

Out 18 May

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Cookbook new releases: May 2017


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