5 stunning sausage recipes from the UK’s best chefs

5 stunning sausage recipes from the UK’s best chefs

by Great British Chefs 16 August 2016

Bangers and mash is fine for a quick weeknight dinner, but the humble sausage can be elevated to dizzying heights with a few simple cheffy touches. See how Michelin-starred chefs serve sausages and recreate their easy recipes at home.

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A bastion of British food, family favourite and a mainstay on gastropub menus across the country, the sausage is easy to cook, comes in an infinite number of varieties and goes with all sorts of other flavours. But all too often we serve them as they are, with either a dollop of mash on the side or inside a sandwich with a good helping of sauce. There’s so much more to be done with sausages, whether they’re served still in their skins or split open and used as sausagemeat – just take a look at how some of our chefs use them in their award-winning cuisine.

1. Toulouse sausage with braised lentils

Of all the wonderful types of sausage out there, the Toulouse has to be one of the most delicious. Flavoured with red wine, little pieces of bacon, herbs and a generous amount of garlic, this French variety manages to stand its ground against its British counterparts with ease. Michelin-starred chef Dominic Chapman serves them simply atop a bed of lentils, with buttery savoy cabbage and some slow-cooked onions – a perfect filling dish for a cosy night in.

2. Cassoulet à la maison

It seems Toulouse sausages are a favourite with top chefs, as the Galvin brothers turn to them for their incredibly classic (and incredibly delicious) French cassoulet. The dish is a true labour of love, slowly cooked over several hours until it’s crusty with an incredible depth of flavour. It’s also a carnivore’s dream, with confit duck, lamb, bacon and ham hock sitting alongside the sausages in an ocean of creamy slow-cooked white haricot beans.

3. Partridge, cranberry and juniper sausage rolls

One of the easiest ways to take simply seasoned sausagemeat and transform it into a showstopping dish is by making homemade sausage rolls. They’re something everyone loves, are easy to put together and just need fifteen minutes in the oven before they’re ready. As a Michelin-starred chef, you’d think James MacKenzie’s rolls would be intricate, complex and time-consuming to make, but they can be made from scratch, baked and ready to eat in just one hour. By incorporating diced partridge breast, cranberries and crushed juniper berries, James creates mini sausages rolls with a festive feel – perfect for Christmas parties.

4. Pork and foie gras sausage rolls

Partridge and juniper not luxurious enough? Then turn to Graham Garrett’s take on the sausage roll, which amps up the decadence with foie gras and black truffle. He also makes his pastry from scratch and glazes the top with Marmite and treacle, so if you like getting stuck in and taking the time to create something of true beauty, start saving for the ingredients and make what has to be the most opulent sausage roll in existence.

5. Tomato farcies

Yet another way to use Toulouse sausages, Henry Harris’ stuffed tomatoes are incredibly simple, look absolutely stunning and require just a few ingredients. If you’re not a fan of Toulouse’s red wine, bacon and garlic combo, there’s no reason you couldn’t use a different sausagemeat – just make sure it’s great quality and it’ll work perfectly with the juicy roasted tomato.

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