The Spanish Levante: Valencia and Murcia

4 January 2023

Located on the eastern coast of Spain, the autonomous communities of Valencia and Murcia form part of the Spanish Levante and are known in particular for their rice and seafood. Discover more about these coastal regions.

Valencia and Murcia are neighbouring autonomous communities, which together form the majority of the broader region known as the Levante on Spain's eastern coast. Given their proximity to the sea, it's no surprise that both areas are known for their seafood, whether it be the salted baked fish of Murcia or Valencia's obsession with tuna. However, the Levante has plenty more to offer than stunning seafood.

Rice or 'arroz' is at the forefront of this region's cuisine, particularly in Valencia, where it's used in practically every household to make different versions of their world-famous paella. This is also reflected in the restaurants of Alicante and Valencia, whose menus are often focused around rice. Meanwhile, the likes of Quique Dacosta, whose Dénia restaurant holds three Michelin stars, continue to prove that Valencian produce can also be elevated to the highest level, ensuring that the Levante has its place on the world's gastronomic map.

Read on to find out more about the produce, wine and restaurants of Valencia and Murcia, or challenge yourself by trying one of Quique Dacosta's recipes at home.

Welcome to the Spanish Levante

Want to find out what the Spanish Levante has to offer for food lovers? Check out our foodie guide to the region.

The home of paella

Valencia is home to one of Spain's best-known creations: paella. Find out more about the 'arroz' used to make it and the different varieties of the famous dish, or see how Quique Dacosta uses the region's rice and seafood in his own recipes.

Alicante: a city with rice at its heart

The province of Alicante may be most famous for the seaside resort of Benidorm, but its historic capital is worth visiting in its own right - particularly for foodies. Read on to find out more about the port city's thriving culinary scene, centered around Valencia's beloved arroz.

Quique Dacosta
Quique Dacosta
Quique Dacosta
Piluka’s box

A driving force behind produce-led dining in the autonomous community of Valencia, Quique Dacosta has revolutionised the region’s dining scene, and is now spreading his influence further afield. Try out some of his masterful recipes at home.

Alicante D.O: a wine region rediscovering its former glory

The oldest D.O in Europe, Alicante has had a torrid history since its vines were destroyed in the nineteenth century, but the past thirty years have seen its winemaking scene rejuvenated. Find out more about this historic wine region here.

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