Paul Foster's elegant duck hearts recipe pairs the often neglected ingredient with a sweet, sharp blueberry sauce, shavings of fennel and wild rice - a symphony of a dish well worth spending 40 minutes making. Paul Foster uses chickweed to garnish but baby watercress or chervil will also work well

Remove the sinew and tubes from the duck hearts and set aside in the fridge until needed
Reduce the wine down to a syrup, add the reduced chicken stock, lime juice and coriander. Remove fro the heat and allow to infuse for 5 mintues
Pass through a fine strainer. Set aside as this will be the sauce used to glaze the hearts in step 7
In a separate pan, combine the vinegar, water, sugar and thyme and bring to the boil. Once boiling, remove from the heat and pour over the blueberries in a bowl. Leave to cool
Slice the fennel on a mandolin lengthways and season with sea salt and lemon juice
In a deep pan (or using a deep-fat fryer), heat the oil to 210°C and fry the wild rice until puffed up. Drain straight away and season with sea salt
Hot oil
Hot oil can be dangerous. Do not leave it unattended
Heat the oil and butter in a pan until it begins to foam, sauté the duck hearts for 1-2 minutes, or cook to a rare - medium-rare finish - overcooked duck hearts will be chewy. Drain the duck hearts and glaze in the sauce from step 3
Spoon some of the blueberries onto each plate. Add the duck hearts followed by the slices of fennel. Sprinkle the wild rice and some fresh herbs over each plate and serve immediately
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Paul Foster's smart duck hearts recipe is not only quick to prepare but is interesting enough to impress. Pickled blueberries and wild rice accompany the meat