Luke Holder's exquisite cured salmon recipe would be an excellent starter course for any meal. Mi cuit roughly translates as partially cooked - this attractive fish dish relies on delicately curing the salmon to achieve maximum flavour. This plate packs a punch both visually and in terms of taste, with the earthy beetroot perfectly offsetting the tender cured salmon

To cure the salmon, mix the first 7 ingredients then place the curing mix beneath and on top of the salmon, ensuring it is well covered and evenly distributed. Leave for 35 minutes
Wash off and pat the salmon dry, place in a sous vide bag with the olive oil
Cook in a water bath at 46°C for 42 minutes. Remove from water bath and cool in ice water
For the beetroot, peel and vac-pac the beetroot with a little olive oil and thyme. Gently steam in a steamer for 18 minutes Cool at room temperature
Pickle the stalks of the beetroot by heating the Cabernet Sauvignon vinegar gently in a pan and when the liquid starts to reduce, adding the beetroot stalks. Leave to cool at room temperature
To plate, allow the salmon to warm to room temperature, then flake it carefully onto the plates, dressing with the beetroot intermittently
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Cured salmon



  1. Vac pac maker
  2. Sous vide bags
  3. Sous vide or water bath

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Salmon is prepared beautifully in this cured salmon recipe from Luke Holder. Mi cuit roughly means partially cooked, and is a great way to make salmon