Shaun Hill's beautiful buttermilk pudding recipe is actually takes very little hands-on time to make - it's just the overnight chilling period that will be an exercise in patience. The wait will be well-rewarded with a delightful end to any meal.

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Split the vanilla pod and reserve the seeds. In a saucepan, bring the double cream, sugar and orange peel to the boil, adding the vanilla pod and seeds
Preparing vanilla pod
To prepare a vanilla pod, cut halfway through the bean lengthways. Open it up and scrape out the seeds, drawing the blade of the knife against the flat open surface of the bean
Remove the cream mixture from the heat then add the lemon juice and softened gelatine. Whisk gently until dissolved, and strain into a clean bowl
Soaking gelatine
To soak the gelatine leaves, put in cold water for about four minutes
In a separate mixing bowl, add the buttermilk then gradually whisk in the hot cream mixture
Room for a little one
Children can add a helping hand by whisking the cream mixture into the buttermilk
Allow the buttermilk and cream to cool completely before gently folding in the whipped cream
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Pour the mix into 10 small crème caramel moulds or ramekins and refrigerate overnight
Remove the stems and leaves from the strawberries. Slice in half and set aside in a heatproof bowl
Room for a little one
Smaller children can help pinch off the strawberry stems and leaves, while older children can slice the berries in half
Juice the orange into a saucepan. Add the cardamom seeds, sugar and honey
Tasty trivia
In addition to being popular in Indian curries, sweets and masala chai tea, cardamom has found its flavour used in baked sweet breads in Finland, Middle Eastern coffee and in American chewing gum
Place the pan over a medium heat and bring to the boil. Remove from the heat and spoon the mixture over the strawberries. Allow to cool and infuse for 5 minutes
Remove the buttermilk puddings from the fridge and serve alongside the infused strawberries
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Buttermilk pudding

  • 600ml of buttermilk
  • 200ml of single cream, whipped
  • 200ml of double cream
  • 250g of caster sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod, split
  • 1 orange, 4 strips of peel
  • 2 tbsp of lemon juice
  • 3 gelatine leaves, soaked in cold water

Cardamom strawberries


  1. Ramekins

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A glorious pud, this buttermilk pudding recipe would make a creamy treat for kids and adults alike

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