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This simple Vietnamese 'pizza' is a perfect quick lunch or supper. It's made by cooking eggs on rice paper until the rice paper is crispy and is then topped with cheese and herbs. A recipe for homemade fried shallots can be found on Thuy Pham's banh mi-style croissant recipe, or homemade ones can be used.

First published in 2024
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Thuy Pham says: 'Bánh Tráng Nuóng is a modern Vietnamese dish made with a rice paper base; it takes just a couple of minutes to cook. On the streets of Vietnam, different vendors create their own versions, even allowing customers to customize their own. I first spotted a recipe for a Vietnamese pizza online and immediately knew I had to try it for myself. It did not disappoint! I hope you will fall in love on the first bite, just as I did.'






Place a sheet of rice paper in a dry frying pan. Pour on half the egg whites and use a spoon to spread them as evenly as you can across the paper, leaving around 2cm around the edge. Place a second sheet of rice paper on top and use a spoon to spread the rest of the egg whites across the paper. Place the pan over a medium heat

  • 2 sheets of rice paper wrappers
  • 5 quail eggs, or regular eggs, separated

Sprinkle over the cheese (I find it easier to add a pinch to weigh down the edges first) and carefully place the yolks evenly across the pizza


Add the red onion and spring onion, then cover the pan with a lid for 20 seconds. Remove the lid and cook for a further 45–60 seconds until the cheese has fully melted with a little crust around the edges


Lift the rice paper to check it is crispy underneath, then add the black pepper, crispy fried shallots and herbs


Serve this with chilli mayo to spice things up, if you like

First published in 2024

Born in Vietnam, Thuy and her family moved to London when she was eight, and now runs The Little Viet Kitchen in Islington, London.

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