'Transition': Thai green curry

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  • 2 hours 30 minutes plus time for chilling the sorbet

This sweet and savoury dish from Tom Shepherd is designed to be served as a 'transition' between savoury and sweet courses. A rich rice pudding is topped with a dense sabayon-esque foam that is infused with chillies, coconut and lime leaves.

First published in 2024




Mango sorbet

Rice pudding

  • 150g of pudding rice
  • 1kg milk
  • 1 orange
  • 180g of cane sugar
  • 200g of coconut purée
  • 40g of egg yolk
  • 10g of cornflour
  • 2 bronze gelatine leaves
  • 450g of cream
  • salt and vanilla extract to taste

Crispy rice

  • 200g of vegetable oil
  • 30g of wild rice
  • salt and icing sugar to taste

Thai infused foam


  • Pacojet or ice cream maker
  • iSi whip
  • Thermomix



To make the mango sorbet, add the mango purée, caster sugar, lime juice, gellan gum F and salt to the jug of a Thermomix


Cook out at 98°C for 15 mins on a medium speed


Alternatively, cook the sorbet in a pan to 98°C and then blend with an immersion blender


Once fully cooked out, either freeze the ice cream in a Pacojet container ready to churn, or chill overnight and then churn in an ice cream machine


Add the pudding rice, milk, orange zest and 100g sugar to a saucepan


Cook out on a low heat until the rice is soft


Once cooked, season with salt and vanilla and allow to cool down

  • salt and vanilla extract to taste

Add the coconut purée, remaining 80g sugar, egg yolk and corn flour to a Thermomix jug and cook out

  • 200g of coconut purée
  • 80g of cane sugar
  • 40g of egg yolk
  • 10g of cornflour

Once cooked out, add the bloomed gelatine and blend to make sure it's fully dissolved

  • 2 bronze gelatine leaves

Lightly whip the cream to a soft peak and fold through the pudding rice and coconut purée mixture

  • 450g of cream

For the crispy rice, heat the oil until it’s very hot in a large pan

  • 200g of vegetable oil

Add the wild rice and then pass off straight away. Season with salt and icing sugar

  • 30g of wild rice
  • salt and icing sugar to taste

Next make the Thai infused foam. Add coconut purée, cream, glucose powder, sugar, lemongrass, fresh ginger, chillies, lime leaves to a Thermomix jug and cook out at 90°C for 20 minutes. This can also be done in a pan and then blended with an immersion blender


Add the coriander and blend with no heat for a further 5 minutes


Add your bloomed gelatine and blend again, then season to taste

  • 2 bronze gelatine leaves

Add to a ISI gun with one charger until as thick as a sabayon


To serve, top the rice pudding with the mango sorbet. Squeeze over some of the thick coconut foam and garnish with crispy rice and coriander cress

First published in 2024

Tom Shepherd cut his teeth in Michelin-starred kitchens working for the likes of Michael Wignall and Sat Bains, before winning Staffordshire its first ever Michelin star at his own restaurant, Upstairs, located above his father’s jewellery shop. His success is a result of an ethos centred around drawing as much flavour as possible out of every single ingredient on the plate.

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