Sichuan green beans


First published in 2019
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This is a popular vegetable dish across China, and can easily be made vegetarian by switching the pork out for shitake mushrooms. The beans are cooked by ‘dry frying’ (gan bian), a popular technique throughout the Sichuan province, which entails frying the beans in oil for around 5 minutes or until they are wrinkled and blistered. They are then tossed with typical Sichuan flavours of chilli, ginger, garlic and of course Sichuan pepper.




Pour about 3cm deep of vegetable oil in a pan or wok and heat up. Once hot, fry the trimmed green beans until just starting to wrinkle – about 5 minutes. Do not overfill the pan, you can work in batches
Drain the beans on kitchen paper and pat down to remove some of the oil
Empty the wok of leftover oil, leaving about 1 tbsp in the pan. (You can reserve and re-use the oil for any future frying you may do.) Add the ginger and garlic and fry until soft but not coloured
Next add the chillies and sichuan peppercorns, followed by the pork mince then the soy sauce, Chinese rice wine and sugar
Cook on a medium-high heat, stirring all the time to evenly caramelise the pork
Once the pork is nice and caramelised, return the beans to the pan to reheat. Toss to combine with the pork
Taste and season with salt if needed, then serve hot
First published in 2019
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