Harissa grilled sea bream with coriander and smoked garlic butter

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This tasty grilled sea bream is smothered in sweet and fiery Bart harissa paste and served with a melting spoonful of Bart smoked garlic, coriander and lemon butter. Charred tenderstem broccoli tossed in the same flavoured butter is the perfect side dish, and shows how versatile the butter is - be sure to freeze any leftovers.

First published in 2022




Sea Bream

Smoked garlic and coriander butter

To serve



Lightly score the skin of the fish at 1cm intervals on both sides then rub the harissa into the flesh. Sprinkle with salt and place on a baking tray 


To make the butter, finely chop the coriander (including stalks) then stir into the butter with the rest of the ingredients


Switch on the grill to high or heat up a barbecue. Cook the fish for 5 minutes on each side, until the skin in crisp and starting to char. The fillet will lift away easily from the bone when it's cooked


As the fish grills, place a fry pan over a high heat and once smoking hot, add the broccoli with a very small dash of oil. Char on both sides for a few minutes until the broccoli is bright green with crispy charred spears. You can also cook this on the barbecue if using


Take the pan off the heat, and add a spoonful of the flavoured butter. The hot broccoli will melt the butter - toss to coat it nicely and transfer to a serving platter


Once the fish is ready, serve with a spoonful of the butter spread over the crispy skin

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