Glazed shin of beef with a crumb of bone marrow and sourdough, with butter January King cabbage

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This slow-cooked shin of beef from David Taylor is topped with a rich bone marrow crumb and a lightly buttered cabbage. The beef shin is brined to ensure that it is seasoned throughout, and then braised in wine and beef stock until incredibly tender.

First published in 2024




Salt brine

  • 100g of salt
  • 1l water
  • fresh herbs, a mixture of thyme, bay leaves, rosemary and sage


Bone marrow sourdough crumb

January King cabbage



Preheat a fan oven to 170°C


Whisk together all the salt brine ingredients, making sure to fully dissolve the salt

  • 100g of salt
  • 1l water
  • fresh herbs, a mixture of thyme, bay leaves, rosemary and sage

Brine the beef shin in the salt brine for 1 hour, then remove the beef and pat dry


In a frying pan, caramelise the outside of the beef until all golden brown


Remove the meat from the pan, season well with salt and pepper and place into a pot deep enough to cover with liquid


Next, fry off the vegetables until golden brown and add the flour. Stir constantly for 1 minute to cook out the flour


Pour in the 500ml red wine and mix well to remove any lumps. Reduce by half to cook out the wine


Add the stock and bring to the boil. Pour into the pot with the beef shin and top up with boiling water if needed. Add the thyme, peppercorns and bay leaf


Cover with 2 layers of foil tightly and cook in the oven for 2–3 hours until tender and the meat is very soft to the touch. A spoon handle should push through easily


Once cooked, allow to cool and rest in the liquor for 30 minutes


Remove the beef from the liquor, cut away the string and roll in cling film to a very thick sausage shape


Place in the fridge and allow to set


Pass the cooking liquor through a fine chinois and then reduce to a sauce consistency. Once ready, chill or place to one side until ready


Toast the sourdough bread crumbs and yeast flakes in plenty of butter. Once golden brown, drain the butter and place onto absorbent cloth. Season lightly with salt while still hot

  • 200g of sourdough breadcrumbs
  • 50g of yeast flakes
  • butter, for cooking

Dice the bone marrow and gently fry in a pan before mixing with the bread crumbs and yeast in a bowl


When ready to serve, cut the shin into four discs. Warm through the sauce, drop the shins in there and allow them to warm through in the glaze, basting regularly, until above 72°C


Bring the water for the cabbage to the boil, take the water off the heat and slowly add the butter and blend a stick blender until all the butter is fully emulsified. Add a little more butter if it needs to be a little thicker. Season with salt to taste


Bring the butter emulsion to 90 degrees, drop the cabbage in and allow to sit at 90 degrees for 30 seconds before straining. Toss through the fresh herbs


Chop the herbs for the bone marrow and mix through the crumb just before serving


To plate, pour the sauce all over the beef. Top with the crumble and finish with a ball of the herb cabbage.

After setting his heart on a career in cooking as a child, David Taylor went on to learn in the prestigious kitchens of Maze, Purnell’s and Maaemo before opening his own restaurant Grace & Savour, where he puts locality and seasonality centre stage.

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