Fermented garlic


First published in 2019
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Fermenting garlic is a great way of preserving if you find yourself with excess bulbs which won't get used up. If you can't imagine what it tastes like, think along the lines of kimchi.

Use it in stir-fries, blended through dressings or salsas or even as you would normally use garlic in a pasta sauce or soup. The fermenting process amplifies the umami flavour of the cloves, which is why we find it particularly useful in vegan cooking – it creates that savoury taste which is often provided by ingredients such as Parmesan, anchovies or fish sauce.

You can easily scale this recipe up, but be sure to always keep the ratio of salt and water the same to ensure a proper fermentation. Always carefully measure the weight of the amount of water you're using, and add 3% of that weight in salt. Always ensure the cloves are fully submerged in the brine too.

Peel the garlic cloves and place in a sterilised jar
Add the salt and cover with water
Place a disc of greaseproof paper on top of the cloves to ensure they are completely submerged under the water. Close the lid and leave at room temperature for two weeks
For the first few days you will need to 'burp' the ferment daily to release the newly created gases and prevent the jar from exploding
Taste the garlic after 2 weeks. If you are happy with the level of fermentation, transfer to the fridge. Otherwise you can leave it out longer to carry on the fermentation for a more pungent, tangy flavour. Once in the fridge, the fermented garlic should last for at least 6 months
First published in 2019
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