Edamame salad with black rice and yuzu dressing

Edamame salad recipe


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It's true that you eat with your eyes – and although a steamed fillet of fish on a bed of rice makes a light and elegant lunch, it doesn't make for a visually exciting one. The black rice and pop of colour from the edamame beans brings a bit of drama to the plate, but it's the yuzu dressing which really ramps up the flavour.

The Japanese ingredient has fragrant, almost floral citrus notes. Somewhere between orange blossom and lemon juice. It makes this a versatile recipe, which works just as well as the base of a lunchbox salad, as it does as a bed of rice to place a fillet of steamed fish or seared meat on.

Cook the black rice according to packet instructions
Meanwhile, place the oil, yuzu, sake, soy and ginger into a jam jar and shake until all the ingredients are combined
Tip the warm rice into a mixing bowl and stir 2 tablespoons of the dressing through it. Stir in the edamame beans and spring onions
Reserve the remaining dressing to drizzle over the fillet of steamed fish or seared meat to lay on the bed of rice
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