Bahamian conch ceviche


First published in 2020
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Conch (or konk) are large molluscs found on the coasts of many Caribbean islands. The Bahamas in particular has a high yield of these and uses them in many recipes, conch ceviche being a favourite. Unfortunately, they are not easily sourced in the UK, so I've substituted them with scallops and prawns to replicate the firm and juicy texture of the conch. Either way, the seafood is just as good and will take you back to any beachside experience you’ve had with its beautiful fresh citrus vibes when combined with lime, scotch bonnet and fragrant coriander.




Wash the scallops and prawns in the lemon juice with a little added water, then drain, rinse and roughly chop into 1cm pieces
Place the seafood in a bowl with the lime juice, orange juice and salt. Place in the fridge and leave to marinate for 30 minutes
Meanwhile, place the rest of the ingredients in a serving bowl. When the seafood has marinated, stir it into the vegetables (including any liquid in the bowl), leave to sit for a further 10 minutes, then serve
First published in 2020
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