Roasted chicken oyster, smoked cod roe, hay-baked celeriac and egg yolks


Using hay in this chicken oysters recipe will make a good talking point around the dinner table. Hay is available from country stores and pet shops, and is worth seeking out for its interesting flavour. Adam Simmonds uses the best bit of the chicken. Rather than buying 18 chickens, ask your friendly butcher for the parts you need.

First published in 2015
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Chicken oysters

Crispy chicken skin

Cod roe purée

Hay baked celeriac purée and dice

  • 2 celeriac, each weighing 250g, peeled
  • 2 slices of hay crust, rolled
  • salt

Egg yolk dressing

To plate


  • Piping bag 1-2cm nozzle
  • Sugar thermometer
  • Blender
  • Water bath


For the hay baked celeriac purée and dice, wrap the hay crusts fully around both celeriacs and bake in the oven at 220˚C/Gas mark 8 for 35 minutes
Reduce the heat after this time to 160˚C/Gas mark 4 and continue cooking one of the celeriacs for 1 hour and the second for 45 minutes or until core temperature reaches 85°C
Remove both from the oven and allow to cool before cracking. Place the first celeriac (cooked for the hour) in a blender and blend until smooth, then season if required. Cut the flesh from the second celeraic into ½ cm dice
To serve, dot the cod roe puree around the plate along with the celeriac purée. Scatter the diced celeriac on the dots. The chicken oysters are then placed on top
To prepare the chicken oysters, heat a frying pan, and when hot add the oil. Seal the chicken oysters in the oil until golden. When they are golden, remove from the heat and drain
For the cod roe purée, pass the cod roe through a fine sieve, then place into a suitable sized bowl. Whisk in the grapeseed oil until incorporated (as it gets thicker, add a little warm water so as to stop it splitting)
Add the lemon juice. Taste and adjust if required. Put into a piping bag
For the crispy chicken skin, preheat the oven to 180˚C/Gas mark 6. Turn the chicken skins up the other way and scrape the excess fat off the skin. On a suitable sized baking tray, lay a sheet of silicon paper onto it
Add the skin and season lightly. Place another sheet of silicon paper on top along with another tray
Place into the oven and cook until golden brown and crisp. Allow to cool
To make the egg yolk dressing, poach the egg for 35 minutes at 65˚C in a water bath then cool in iced water
Remove the egg yolk from the egg white, then pass through a sieve into a suitable sized bowl. Stir in the oil to make a dressing
  • 18ml of grapeseed oil
The dish is then finished with shards of the chicken skin. The egg yolk dressing is then drizzled around the plate. Finish with rocket flowers
First published in 2015

Beneath the surface of Adam Simmond’s dishes is highly original, thoughtful cooking.

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