Carpaccio of beef with pickled strawberries, wild spicy leaves and Ryvita

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The combination of beef and strawberries may take a leap of imagination, but Alyn Williams' carpaccio recipe is truly sublime - and what's more, simple. If the salad leaves prove elusive, try using small parsley leaves, radish tips and small rocket leaves.

First published in 2015




Beef carpaccio

Pickled strawberries

  • 8 strawberries, under-ripe
  • 10g of sugar
  • 50ml of moscatel vinegar



To prepare the beef, ensure all fat and sinew is trimmed away and roll tightly in cling film. Freeze overnight
Remove your beef from the freezer and slice very thinly, ensuring to remove all the cling film. Set aside on a plate to thoroughly defrost, absorbing any excess moisture with absorbent kitchen towel
Hull and quarter the strawberries and place in a bowl. Add the sugar and vinegar to a saucepan and heat until the sugar dissolves
  • 8 strawberries, under-ripe
  • 10g of sugar
  • 50ml of moscatel vinegar
Pour the liquid over the strawberries and leave to macerate for at least 1 hour
Meanwhile, heat the unsalted butter in a frying pan until foaming. Then, add the ryvita, season and stir to cook for 3 minutes. Spoon out onto kitchen paper to drain
Season and oil the beef slices and arrange the slices onto plates. Drain the strawberries - reserving some of the pickling liquid and place them on top of the beef
Dress the leaves with oil, salt and pepper and scatter over each plate. Finish with a few drops of the pickling liquor
First published in 2015

Alyn Williams has worked at some of the very best kitchens in Britain, training for many years under Marcus Wareing and Gordon Ramsay. His plates display his own unique culinary personality – brilliantly accomplished, playful and with remarkable interplay of flavours.

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