Charred aubergine and garlic whipped butter with grilled tomatoes


Compound butters are a wonderful way of incorporating more flavour into your dishes. This charred aubergine, garlic and marjoram whipped compound butter is served with capers and a touch of lemon zest for that perfect balance of acidity. We serve ours simply with toasted sourdough, but this butter can be melted down and used to cook any ingredients from fish to vegetables for an added burst of flavour. 

First published in 2024




Charred aubergine

Grilled tomatoes

Whipped compound butter




Begin by preparing the grilled aubergine. Drizzle the aubergine with olive oil and season with salt


Prepare the grill for direct cooking. When ready, place the aubergine on the grill 


Cook for 5–7 minutes before turning over and grilling the other side. Once the skin has slightly charred and the aubergine flesh has softened, remove from the grill and leave for a couple of minutes to cool slightly 


Peel any overly charred skin off of the aubergines, then finely chop the flesh 


Coat the cherry tomatoes in olive oil then season well with flaky sea salt 


Toss the cherry tomatoes in olive oil and season with salt, then grill for 5 minutes, or until they are tender 


Add the aubergine flesh to a food processor along with the butter, marjoram, garlic cloves, anchovy, capers and lemon zest 


Blend until smooth, then spoon onto a serving plate 


Serve along with the sourdough toast, and garnish with a handful of caper berries, grilled cherry tomatoes, lemon zest, salt and pepper

First published in 2024

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