How to tea smoke duck breast

Barbecued Gressingham duck breast with white coleslaw

How to tea smoke duck breast

by Great British Chefs13 November 2015

How to tea smoke duck breast

Tea-smoked duck is a signature of Szechuan cuisine. The powerful smoke and rich meat is perfectly offset by the other hot and sour ingredients used in the region.

It is fairly simple to smoke duck at home; just be sure to use caution when handling hot pans and ensure you extinguish the tea before putting it in the bin.




Line a wok with 2 layers of tin foil
Combine the brown sugar, rice and tea in the base of the wok and mix well
Place over a high heat
Wait for the mixture to smoke. This will take 2–3 minutes
When it is smoking heavily, place a wire rack on top of the wok and lay the duck breasts on top in the centre, skin side up
Reduce the heat and seal with foil
Smoke for 15 minutes
Remove the duck from the rack
Finish cooking the duck breasts in the oven if necessary

Serving suggestions

Smoked duck lends itself to a variety of dishes. Try Tong Chee Hwee’s tangy Duck salad, Matt Gillan’s Duck breast salad with burnt coconut pineapple and cashews or Adam Stokes’ Duck breast with orange, pine kernels and dandelion.

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