How to remove the skin from monkfish tails

How to remove the skin from monkfish tails

Monkfish have two colours of skin covering the whole tail; the upper layer is dark whereas the lower is light - the latter is often removed by fishmongers before selling. The colour of the skin varies depending on the habitat it lived in - a lighter colour reflects a sandy or farmed habitat, while darker skin indicates a pebbled, stony environment. The dark skin needs to be removed before eating, whereas the light colour lower skin can be cooked and crisped.


Starting from the top of the fish insert a small knife between the flesh and the skin. Carefully work the knife around to the side of the fish and release the skin
When you’ve released enough skin to get a good grip, pull the skin away with one of your hands and secure the monkfish tail with the other. Try to pull with the skin off in one go
Starting at the thin tail end, pull away any tough sinew, using your fingers. The monkfish is now ready to cook.

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