How to prepare lamb heart

How to prepare lamb heart

We know, we know – it's all a bit visceral and conjures up flashbacks to biology lessons at school – but the pros of a lamb heart vastly outweigh the grisly task of preparing it. Heart is cheap to buy, uses up a part of the animal that's sadly often wasted and it boasts bags of flavour without being too 'offaly' like kidneys and liver. Here's how to take a whole heart and trim it into three neat steaks, ready for cooking.


Begin by slicing off and discarding the fat gathered around the top of the heart


Locate the diagonal line running on the outside of the heart and use it as a guide on where to cut. Slide the knife into the heart from the top then carve along this line to create a flap


Remove this piece where it naturally rejoins the rest of the heart at the other side


Trim this piece of any remaining fat or sinew, then set aside. This is your first, smaller steak


Insert the knife into the cavity of the remaining heart and open it out into one flat piece. Trim away any tubes and web-like vessels


You can either keep this piece whole or slice it into 2 even pieces, giving you 3 neat steaks in total. Remember the outer piece is thinner so requires less cooking time than the thicker pieces