How to macerate strawberries sous vide

How to macerate strawberries sous vide

Sealing fruit under vacuum with a marinade imparts flavour without having to wait around for hours to get the desired result. The strawberry flavour will be more pronounced as will the flavour added to the bag. Less liquid and flavour are required than in traditional methods of maceration.

  • 250g of strawberries, halved
  • 50ml of sweet white wine
Place the strawberries flat into a vacuum bag and add the wine
Seal under full pressure
The strawberries can be used straight away and will keep for up to one week


Different complementary liquids can be used in the bag with the strawberries, why not try using champagne, honey or balsamic vinegar. If using vinegar be sure to use a smaller amount and use the strawberries straight away or the vinegar will start to break them down.

You can also add flavourings to the bag such as basil, mint, black pepper or elderflower.

Serving suggestions

Serve macerated strawberries with ice cream, panna cotta or Eton mess. Substitute the roasted strawberries in William Drabble's pain perdu recipe for macerated ones or, for something totally different, try Dave Watts' recipe for scallops with balsamic vinegar-macerated strawberries.

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